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Prevention & Education

Until there is a cure, preventing HIV/AIDS is our best defense to end this disease.

At Lifelong, our prevention team is the leading source of HIV/AIDS educational outreach to at-risk populations in Western Washington. But we do much more than wait for people to come to us for help.

We distribute hundreds of thousands of condoms and safer-sex messages each year. We meet with HIV-positive men and transgender individuals to discuss their sexual choices one-on-one through our Healthy Connections program. And, our youth program educates young people about HIV/AIDS through youth-led programs.

We never let people forget the risks of contracting HIV/AIDS. We cultivate wisdom, strength and unity to combat prejudice and improve self-esteem, dramatically decreasing the transmission of HIV and and other sexually transmitted diseases.

For more infomation about HIV/AIDS visit the About HIV/AIDS section of this website.