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Pots & Plans

Showing seniors how to cook simple, affordable, and healthy meals

Pots & Plans is a 6-week series of cooking and nutrition classes created and taught by Chicken Soup Brigade’s registered dietitians. Funded through a grant from AARP Foundation, the classes aim to decrease hunger among seniors by teaching them to prepare quick, nutritious meals from scratch.

All Pots & Plans recipes include ingredients that are accessible and affordable. Many are items overlooked in food banks, or inexpensive but unfamiliar items available at local grocery stores and markets.  The program works to empower participants to learn and build on the skills they have to prepare simple, delicious meals appropriate for their own health needs.

Lifelong's dietician, Meghan Lyle, teaching a Pots & Plans class

The program uses a “Mobile Kitchen” concept to encourage participation from those who struggle to leave home unassisted.  Five class series are currently being taught every week throughout King County in independent senior living communities and senior centers.  Each class includes a nutrition education activity and the demonstration of how to prepare two recipes.  Samples are always provided!

Each class centers on a specific health concern commonly seen in the senior population:

  • The Pressure’s On:  Foods to Reduce High Blood Pressure
  • Fabulous Fiber:  How “Roughing It” Boosts Health
  • The Full Story:  Strategies for Weight Maintenance
  • Just the Fats, Ma’am:  Eating to Prevent Cardiovascular Disease
  • Sweets:  How Sweet It Isn’t

Every recipe in the curriculum is designed to be:

  • Simple to prepare and requires minimal prep and standing time
  • Nutritious and relates to the health topic of the week
  • Affordable and includes foods frequently overlooked in food pantries as well as less expensive and seasonal foods

The complete Pots & Plans class curriculum and leader’s guide!
Now you can download everything you need to conduct your own 6-week Pots & Plans series.  Documents included are class recipe and education packets, class outlines, equipment list, references and more. View the complete curriculum and leader's guide.

If would like to learn more about this program, including where classes are being conducted now and in the future, call us at (206) 957-1600 or send a message.  If you are interested in volunteer opportunities, complete an online application.