Policy and Advocacy

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Policy and Advocacy

Effective public policy will improve outcomes for our clients.

The 30 years of HIV/AIDS response in Seattle and Washington State have accomplished a tremendous result: fewer people have been infected due to the outstanding response from the Community and Public Health policy and advocacy work.

At Lifelong, we are an active participant in state and federal policy that supports funding for the HIV/AIDS community. Below are some examples of our involvement.

  • We are a proud partner of AIDS United’s Public Policy Committee representing policy and advocacy experts and leaders from across the country. This body develops and designs federal policy initiatives and works to educate national leaders to ensure regulations focus specifically and effectively on prevention of HIV and access to positive health outcomes.
  • We are a member of the Washington HIV/AIDS Community Action Network (WHACAN), a committed gathering of advocates, consumers, professionals and informed officials from across Washington State that advocate against pending cuts from the state budget.
    We regularly convene dialogues with local, state and national leaders on Health Care Reform and expanding affordable coverage options to ensure that people living with HIV/AIDS or another chronic illness are able to access healthcare.

If you are interested in joining Lifelong's advocacy efforts to support those living with HIV/AIDS in Washington State, call us at (206) 967-1600 or send us a message. We need your help!