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Healthy Connections

Get connected, stay connected.

Recent advances in treatment options now enable persons with HIV/AIDS to enjoy full and healthy lives with the help of medication. Healthy Connections is a counseling program designed to assist men and transgender persons living with HIV/AIDS. Healthy Connections helps individuals obtain life-saving medical care and case management services and identify and address issues that interfere with medication regimens.  

Clients will meet one-on-one with staff for a pre-determined set of sessions and are encouraged to set-up an appointment with case management for ongoing support services.

The Healthy Connections coordinator will work with individuals to identify and address any barriers and help establish ways to remain healthy. Persons 18 years of age and older are eligible for Healthy Connections if they are HIV-positive MSM or transgender individuals who have sex with men and meet one or more of the following eligibility requirements:

  • Have not visited an HIV care provider more than once during the past year
  • Have not received case management or social work services within the previous year
  • Do not have a suppressed (undetectable or below 200 particles per microliter) viral load
  • Are not on antiretroviral treatments
  • Report being reluctant to seek medical care or are having difficulties taking their medication as prescribed by their physician

Call our Client Services line at (206) 957-1602 for more information. This is a confidential line, so clients can leave a message. Make sure you specify that you are calling to learn more about Healthy Connections. A member of our Healthy Connections team will return the call as soon as possible.