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Medical Case Management

When we say Lifelong will be here until the AIDS crisis is over, we mean it.

Our medical case managers work one-on-one with people living with HIV/AIDS to make sure that no one who needs our help gets left behind. We educate and empower the people we serve and connect them with the resources that allow them to live their lives without the stress and helplessness that comes along with navigating this unfamiliar territory.

Accessing Resources, Meeting Needs
Case managers are expertly trained to help clients identify community resources for medical and dental care, health insurance programs, financial resources, housing and other support services.

Individuals that require ongoing case management assistance, as determined by a case manager, will be referred to a Lifelong case manager for a comprehensive assessment. Our case managers have four primary functions: assessment, service plan development, referral and monitoring.

The Four-Step Case Assessment Process
The comprehensive assessment is an in-depth interview that typically takes two hours to complete. During the interview, we will discuss your health, any problems with adherence to medications, dental needs, insurance, finances, employment, housing, transportation, social/emotional health, behavioral health, chemical dependency, legal situation and several other areas.

At the completion of the comprehensive assessment, together, both you and your case manager will create a service plan. This agreement functions as a “contract” between the two of you. It will identify how you can best achieve your goals and how your case manager can best support you. 

Following the assessment, we may recommend a referral to a case manager who works with your medical provider, or you may continue to work with a case manager at Lifelong to complete an assessment and work towards the completion of your service plan.

Your case manager will act as a resource for other services needed and will continueto provide ongoing monitoring of your progress.

Meeting with us for the first time? Learn about how to prepare for your first meeting with a case manager.

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