Zoltan Kaszas

Zoltan Kaszas

Zoltan Kaszas was born in Budapest Hungary, nineteen years later he found himself getting into the world of stand up comedy in his new hometown of San Diego, California. Zoltan's storytelling style has been showcased on the television show Laughs on FOX and got him first place in the prestigious Seattle International Comedy Competition and The San Diego Comedy Festival. Last year he showcased at NACA Nationals and booked more schools than any other showcasing act. Zoltan also has a weekly podcast called This Week In Zoltan which his mother is a fan of and when not performing he can be found at home with his lovely wife Brittany and their elegant cat Jessica!



Zoltan's Podcast

NACA West 2016 Spotlight Low Showcase
NACA Northern Plains 2016 Showcase Alternate
NACA Nationals 2015 Club Showcase
NACA South 2015 Sampler Showcase
NACA Northeast 2015 Spotlight Low Showcase
NACA Central 2014 Sampler Showcase


"It was a pleasure having Zoltan as my first-ever comedy show! Despite the fire alarm going off right as he was about to start, the show went really well and I think the students really enjoyed the show. He was a great performer and really got the audience involved, which was awesome and definitely got the students excited for more comedy shows. Thank you both for being so great and working with us!"- Megan O'Keefe, University of Connecticut, Sept. 2015


"The show was great; I could tell every student who attended really enjoyed themselves. Overall though, I would definitely say it was a success!"-Erin Sless, Salisbury University, Dec. 2015


"Thanks so much! I'm glad he enjoyed the show. We always love having him here, and you have both been excellent to work with. Thanks again!!" -Marissa Theriault, Western Connecticut State University, Aug. 2016


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